At Beauty Time we pride ourselves in offering the best quality and specialised professional skincare and beauty equipment available. This allows us to offer an extensive variety of tailor made treatments to accommodate all your skin care needs.

Beauty Time offers a variety of equipment. At a glance this includes:

·      Medical grade crystal microdermabrasion machine (non invasive intense cellular renewal without down time)

·        High Frequency

·        LED light machine therapy

·        Sonic Machine

·        DF Machine

To achieve effective and excellent results during your treatment we have a choice of customised masks (rubber, clay, oxygen, nourishing, enzmatic) ampoules, lightening, lifting, recovery, anti ageing serums, recovery and brightening serums but to name a few.

During your skin diagnosis your treatment will be specially made for your skin. Here are some of our most popular treatments and these are all tailor made with appropriate cleanses, peels, masks and equipment for your personal treatment.

Prices are dictated by products and equipment used.

·       Crystal Medical Grade Microdermabrasion Treatment: After a skin diagnosis Microdermerbration is recommended to affectively accelerate cellular renewal. This treatment is best conducted during the cooler months of the year. The skin is cleansed and the use of a mild sasilic acid is used to prepare he skin for deeper exfoliation. This treatment is excellent for treating; scar tissue, clogged pores, post acne scarring, sun damaged skin, premature aging skin and fine lines. Treatments are non invasive with no down time. For maximum results we recommend a course of 4-6 treatments with maintenance on a monthly basis. Packages available when paid in advance.

·      Express deep cleanse: Skin feeling clogged and uneven. After a skin diagnosis the skin is cleansed and appropriate exfoliation is conducted. Steam and five minutes of extractions followed by High Frequency and appropriate mask is applied. This treatment is excellent during the winter months for excellent renewal.

·    Acne Intense Peels: Following a thorough skin diagnosis a program tailor made for the type of acne. This will then dictate the type of peel, equipment and mask. This treatment is designed to rid the skin of impurities and will include extractions. The focal point of this treatment is to decongest blocked pores and balance the PH level in the skin. This treatment can also be extended with added equipment and mask at an extra cost. Allow one and a half hours.

·     Beauty Time signature Deluxe facial: This custom facial starts with a skin diagnosis. The aim of this treatment is to revive, relax the mind, body and soul. Combination of equipment and infusion of premium product (ampoules and masks) is a must. This treatment is not complete without a pressure point and lymphatic drainage massage of the face next and décolletage. Allow one and a half hours.

·      Beauty Time Peels: Our philosophy in regards to peeling the skin is not to remove and damage the skins integrity as this can lead to further problems down the track. The peels we offer do not require down time. These procedures can be combined with other treatments. We strongly recommend these treatments during the cooler months of the year as they compliment one another. You may obtain the best results when you combine the treatments of cellular renewal, black head removal, unclogging the pores, reducing and plumping fine lines and combating dehydration. This treatment also prepares the skin for better product penetration. For the best results we recommend that the skin is prepared by two to three weeks of homecare with a vitamin A product. 45 min to 1 hour.

Beauty Time also offers:

·        Glycolic 20% Peel

·        TCA, ACM peels up to 5% ( salicylic, citric, lactic and glycolic acids)

·        Enzyme Peel

·        Vitamin A Peel

·        Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid and Tartaric Acid

·        L-Lactic, L-Glycolic and L-Mandelic Acid

The Skincare ranges we use in the back bar professionally and also recommended for home use to maintain ultimate results: Environ, Skinstitut, Dermaviduals, Societyu, Skin Medica and LaPurete.

Equipment used at Beauty Time:

·      Frimator: Brush machine designed to give thorough cleansing of the skin, an excellent way to start any treatment. Brushes are also used to give a deeper exfoliation in conjunction with a glycolic scrub.

·        Streamer: Activates certain peels, allows easy extractions of blackheads and impurities.

·   High Frequency: Ozone producing probe. Accelerates recovery of the skin after extractions, electrolysis and waxing.

·     Disincrustation: Clear sonic machine. By the use of ultra sonic waves this machine gives deep cleanse of clogged and Blocked pores. This is recommended for very oily skin and a series of treatments used in conjunction with home care products for ultimate results. When the polarity is changed this machine will also infuse vitamins and ampoules into the skin.

·     LED Light: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen, tans and firms, repairs damaged skin; wound healing increases cellular activity, attacks acne causing bacteria (FDA approved). Calming and anti inflammatory reduces sun burn and trauma to the skin.

·      Electrolysis Blend Method Machine: For removal of skin imperfections, spide veins on face and skin tags.

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